A Rough Week for the Team

Posted by gerwin / Holidays

It’s been a rough week for The Edry Team.

First, GianCarlos was cutting through the park to get to a nighttime apartment showing and he was bitten by something he said was “dog-like” but much bigger. He’s says he’s OK, but seems to have stopped shaving the last few days. And you can see it. Then Casey came in the next day complaining that she can’t seem to hold any food down, except for a sudden craving for sweetbreads and calf brains!

Meanwhile, Gunter has been out of the office for days. He claims he’s been sleeping all day and only seems to have the energy to go out after dark. Add to that, Robi’s sudden phobia of any sort of flame (he keeps screaming “Fire Bad!!”), Katy’s bizarre choice for new face tattoos and the fact that Eli has literally disappeared and I am not sure what’s going on.

I seem to be the only normal one left. Maybe I’ll head down to Okefenokee for the weekend.

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