Home remedies for the decoration blues


Metal hooks from Command Renting is a great solution for the nomadic New Yorker, and no one will judge you for apartment-hopping every year or two. But when the space is on loan that pesky landlord might punish your creative spirit if the changes don’t move out with you. If you can’t live without bright walls or risk losing that $1,500 deposit, here are some sneaky decoration tools that don’t leave a trace.

Finding a spot to store the keys can be a real hassle. Don’t drill holes into the wall only to face a spackling nightmare a week before you move. Place a trio of removable adhesive hooks by the door and you’ll be able to grad them on your way out. Command by adhesive kingpin 3M sells a variety of hooks that range from pastel plastics to brushed metals.


birds wall decal - urban outfitters Maybe you’re into writing on the walls or just wish you could paint a nice design on the mirror to make it reflect the inner you. Either way, contact paper is your solution. Let the wall be your chalkboard with classic classroom black erasable contact paper, or take some time to commune with the birds  using a fancier wall decal.

Papa’s got a brand new floor

It happens all the time. You move into a new place and there’s hardwood where carpet should be. Fortunately, FLOR carpet tiles created a system that is not only customizable but also removal friendly – innovative FLORdots stick the tiles to each other instead of the floor.


Flor customizable tilesGet glassy eyed

Covering your windows, especially when living at street level, can be one of the easiest, standout customizations. SOLYX films are an ideal solution for designer privacy that does not sacrifice natural light. It can even be used within the apartment to give some flair to glass doors.

It’s OK to be a wallflower

You tried the wall pops route to break up the hospital whites, but the back wall of your bedroom might still need some accenting. Urban Outfitters offers a wide selection of removable wallpaper, in addition to full- and half-wall murals.

--Lauryn Stallings


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