"Lift" up with new habit-forming app

For those of us (everyone?) looking to add more accountability to our work/home lives, check out the "Lift" app available now on the iPhone. Think of it as a Foursquare for habit-formation (which means, unlike 4square, it actually serves a purpose!)

"Basically, the Lift app is designed to facilitate the formation of desired habits. By harnessing the power of habits, human potential can be attained. On Lift, popular habits among its users include Floss, Sleep by Midnight, Run, Eat Breakfast, and Meditate. A user chooses habit(s) to cultivate and checks in whenever the intended action is performed."

Lift provides weekly and monthly reports on how you’re progressing along, and lets you connects with others who have similar goals on the service.

I've already added three habits I want to work on: "lead generate," "go to gym"and "blog more." Now I can at least check off  the latter for today. Who else is joining me?


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