Customize your cookie cutter rental

Posted by Sandy Edry / Home Decor

You solemnly swore that you would not change the 1950’s floors or paint the bland and vanilla walls of your rental apartment. After all, why put money into something you don't get to own? But, we have good news. There are plenty of ways you can make your cookie cutter rental into a unique and homey home -- without risking your security deposit.

Here are four suggestions based on Apartment Therapy’s 10 Ways to Customize a Rental

Using modular furniture can help customize a space. The ability for a sectional couch to split up into different parts can make entertaining your tired guest easier.



If you have tall ceilings, why not add additional space by adding lofted storage. Not only is it a convenience but is a lot more appealing than stuffing your winter sweaters under your bed.



Does your rental have the same bland carpet traveling from room to room? Although this may be a drab, you can add bright area rugs to separate the mild-mannered floor.



So your apartment was almost perfect, almost being the key word due to the fact that the kitchen came with some questionable colored cabinets. Well why don’t you work with what you have? Adding complementary chairs, towels and even dishware can make your kitchen into a sight for sore eyes.

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